HPH Reports Latest Hancock County COVID Numbers

Hancock Public Health on Friday reported the latest COVID numbers for the county.

The agency points out that the latest weekly COVID numbers for the county also include some data from the previous week that was recently added to the state database.

Hancock Public Health is reporting 1,547 new cases, 42 new hospitalizations and 9 new deaths for the week of January 14th through January 20th.*

*Those numbers include some previously unreported cases that were recently added to the state reporting database.

Hancock County is averaging 221 new cases per day and cases per 100,000 is 1919.9.

48.9 percent of eligible residents are fully vaccinated.

Community transmission in Hancock County remains “high” as defined by the CDC.

1,011 Hancock County residents have been hospitalized with COVID since the beginning of the pandemic and 228 have died from it.