Ohio Among States With The Most Deer-Vehicle Crashes

As autumn approaches, officials are reminding drivers that this is when there’s always a big jump in the number of crashes involving deer.

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources says more than half of the deer-related crashes in any given year occur in October, November and December.

Officials warn drivers that the highest-risk periods are the dusk and dawn hours.

If you see one deer, more will likely follow, so proceed with caution.

Use high-beams when possible.

Always your wear seat-belt.

And possibly most importantly, do not swerve to miss a deer. Doing so could lead to a much worse crash.

If a collision with a deer appears imminent, press the brakes and strike it while maintaining control of your vehicle in your lane.

Farmers Insurance ranks Ohio as the 9th worst state for deer-vehicle crashes.

Fall is the worst time of the year for deer-vehicle crashes because October to December is breeding season and hunting season in the fall also spooks deer.

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